Electoral Rolls

Search 220m Electoral Register Records for England & Wales

The British Library in association with Find My Past have released 220m records from the England and Wales Electoral Rolls for the years 1832-1932.  It is the largest single collection of records held and digitised by Find My Past and covers a 100 year period. Because the Electoral Register England & Wales was taken annually it is likely that you will find multiple entries for the individual or ancestor you are searching for. Here is the England & Wales Electoral Roll Search for 1832 to 1932:

England & Wales Electoral Registers 1832-1932

Finding Living Relatives or Lost Friends from the Electoral Roll

Sometimes we need to find a living relative.  We may have lost touch and only know brief details of their last whereabouts.  We may be starting to build our Family Tree and need some information on previous ancestors.  It is possible to make an electoral roll search using simply a name and area (i.e. name of town or postcode) and up will appear search results dating back to 2003.  Your lost relative may well appear on this list as it will list all registered voters in that household (unless your relative has opted to have their details taken out of the edited electoral register).

You can amend the information if no results appear i.e. put in just a surname or change the area. The results will also show other occupants (over the age of 18) in the house, so it helps you determine if you have found the right missing person. The actual search facility is free but you will need to pay for the more detailed information.  This information is from the edited electoral rolls from 2003 and is supplied by 192.com.