Family Tree Template

Print off a Family Tree Template or Pedigree Chart Template

So you’re ready to start building your Family Tree. As you start tracing your Family Tree it can be very handy to use a printable Family Tree Template. When preparing to visit relatives, consider taking a family tree or pedigree chart template with you. It is often easier to complete a printed off template when speaking to relatives. You can always upload it onto your family history software when you get home. There are plenty of free Family History charts, forms, templates, worksheets and blank census forms available online. A selection of free templates can be found at

Family tree charts vs. Pedigree Charts – which one is right for you?

Family tree charts can quickly spiral out of control and become extremely complex. This is because they record the whole family ‘group’ including siblings and half-siblings. A pedigree chart, on the other hand, only records direct descendants. This is why they are often referred to as ‘Ancestral Charts’ i.e. they record a person’s ancestry. If your family tree is especially challenging, with plenty of siblings, half-siblings etc., then consider starting with a pedigree chart. You can always move up to a fully fledged family tree when you are feeling brave enough.

Pre Printed Blank Family Tree Template Charts & Genealogy Pedigree Charts

If you’re looking for pre-printed blank Family Tree Charts or pedigree charts, then we have sourced a UK Supplier of a wide range of pre printed Family Tree Pedigree Charts – many of which can be used as Family History Wall Charts. They’re really good value.

Here’s a really nice colour shaded one (see below). Click on the image for more details of size and cost or click here for range of Family Tree Charts, Family Tree Books and other archive resources, including a 10 generation family tree double chart, all available via Amazon uk.