Newspaper Archives

Newspaper Archives are a great source of valuable information for Family History Researchers and Genealogists. More national and local newspapers are having their older editions digitised and a great number of these old newspaper archives are available online. Wikipedia have an extremely useful Online Newspaper Archives page which lists archives all over the world.

We are able to bring you some of the largest local newspaper collections in the UK and the US. It is very possible you might find information on a relative or ancestor in an old newspaper article. Visit the following pages to start your Newspaper search:

British Newspapers – 1710-1953 – thousands of local and regional publications from England, Scotland and Wales have been digitized creating one of the largest collections of archive newspapers in the UK.

US and World Newspapers – Over 120 million pages have been digitized in this collection of old newspaper records published from all 50 States in the USA.

Newspaper Archives can reveal much personal information about previous generations. For example you could search a local newspaper around the date of a known death and it may produce an obituary.  That could give much insight into that person’s life and the lives of close relatives living at that time.  The family notices section might give information on births, deaths and marriages.  Most of the historic newspaper archives being digitised today will allow advanced searches including name, and specific keywords to help narrow down your results.

The British Newspaper Archive are working in partnership with the British Library to digitise over 40 million old Newspaper pages over the next 10 years.  Search the British Newspaper Archive by clicking on this link:

In the UK The National Archives do not hold many Newspaper Archives but have some valuable information for anyone searching out Historic Newspaper stories and news. They also include a link through to the British Library and other important libraries in the UK that hold extensive Newspaper Archive material.  The British Library have historic newspaper reading facilities to allow visitors access to online Newspaper Archives in their London St Pancras and Boston Spa premises.