1901 Census

1901 Census Date – 31 March 1901

The 1901 census was taken on the night of 31 March 1901.  However, no entries were made for the many soldiers serving in South Africa fighting in the Boer War on census night in 1901.

Personal Information Collected

The personal information recorded in the 1901 census was almost identical to the previous census of 1891, with the few modest amendments:

  • The ‘Profession or Occupation’ question was expanded. Additional questions included: ‘Employer, Worker or Own Account’ and ‘If Working at Home’.
  • New question (Isle of Man only): language spoken.

Population Recorded

Here are the population figures (both UK and British Empire) recorded for the 1901 census:

(or decrease)
since **** census
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Total UK population41,458,7219.90%
Islands of the British Seas150,3701.70%
Rest of Empire344,206,869
Total Population of British Empire385,815,960