Family Tree Software

Family Tree Creator Software

If you’re looking for Family Tree Creator software then there are a number of excellent packages on the market. These family history software packages are well worth investing in to help you produce a professional looking and easy to read Family Tree. You’ll be able to build your family tree by collating information, adding photos, inserting website links etc. You’ll be able to produce Family Tree Charts that you’ll be able to share with your relatives and loved ones – some even include interactive maps. It’s best for you to check out all the key features before purchasing.

There is a very useful genealogy software comparison chart on the Wikipedia website. It is very comprehensive with 38 types of software compared, although some of the programmes have been discontinued. Here is the link.

Subscription packages and standalone software

Many family tree builders are affiliated to certain subscription based family history websites. For example:

  • Family Tree Builder 8.0 is free for members. Basic membership is free with the option of upgrading.
  • offer a free family tree builder.

As a result, you may decide to use family history software which is affiliated to one of the genealogy websites you intend subscribing to.

However, there are some great family history software packages that are not offered as part of a subscription service such as Family Historian 6 Genealogy and Family Tree Software. Also Check out their Getting the Most from Family Historian 6.

It is worth checking if your chosen family tree software enables you store files in a GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication) file format (with the extension .ged). This will enable you to unload or transfer your family tree much more easily and ensure it is compatible with other family history software packages.

Consider your privacy and that of your relations. Many family history software packages encourage you to share your data online, with a view to matching your records to other family history records. This can be a wonderful resource. However, you need to consider whether you (or other members of your family) are happy about sharing your family history information. Certain websites offer the option of keeping your data private.