Warwickshire Family History

Welcome to the Warwickshire Family History section of our website. This has been created to help Genealogists and Family History researchers searching for lost ancestors and relatives that were living in Warwickshire – including the town in the north of the county- Nuneaton. There are many resources for Family History research in Warwickshire:

Warwickshire Family History Society

– This society’s new website is updated monthly with news and Family History articles. No membership is required.

Nuneaton and North Warwickshire Family History Society

– This is a growing society which in 1998 changed its name from Nuneaton Family History Society to encompass the whole of North Warwickshire. This society offers Quarterly Family History Journals free with membership, which itself is a very modest annual fee.

Warwickshire County Record Office

– This is a record office which offers historical records of the county of Warwickshire and the people within, from the 12th Century onwards. You’ll find parish records, school records, hospital records, maps, photographs and much more.

We have teamed up with the popular family history website FindMyPast to bring you direct links to their Warwickshire family history records. We hope these will assist you with your research:

Births, marriages and deaths


Warwickshire Baptisms
– Learn your ancestors birth place, parents’ names and “even the name of the officiant”.


Warwickshire Banns
– Records from Southam and Ufton in the county.
Warwickshire Marriages
– Records from parishes across Warwickshire.

Burials – including monumental inscriptions

Warwickshire Burials
– Records also include monumental inscriptions from Clifton Road Cemetery in the town of Rugby.
Warwickshire Monumental Inscriptions

Parish registers

Warwickshire, Birmingham, St Martin In The Bull Ring Parish Registers 1554-1929
– Discover if your ancestors resided in Birmingham between these years.

Warwickshire Newspaper Archives

Local Newspaper Archives can provide invaluable information for Family Historians. Information can often be found in these historic papers that is not available in Parish Records, or local censuses. We are able to provide a direct link to Warwickshire Newspaper Archives from a variety of newspapers and covering different time periods. Here is the link and information on the historic Warwickshire Newspapers and time periods covered:

British Newspaper Archive – historic newspaper records in the Warwickshire area
– Here is the link for the Historical Newspapers, listed by year of issue below:

Local newspaper recordsRecord Years
Leamington Spa Courier1828-1954
Rugby Advertiser1853-1854
Warwick and Warwickshire Advertiser1823-1827
Nuneaton Advertiser1868-1888
Leamington Advertiser, and Beck's List of Visitors1849-1864